Nabers Annual Report 2022/23

Financial Statement 2022/23

NABERS Finance Report 2022 – 2023

Starting cash reserve (11,409,145)
Cash adjustment* (6,075,521)
Government funding received in FY22 for projects that continued into FY23 (3,444,510)
Revenue $
NSC government member contributions (378,433)
Government funding received in FY23 for FY23 projects (634,000)
Government funding received in FY23 for FY24-25 projects (4,870,000)
NABERS ratings and products (4,310,736)
Training fees (292,163)
Accreditation fees (395,833)
NABERS agreements and licenses (254,485)
Total revenue (11,135,650)
Expenditure $
Salaries 5,227,225
Operational expenses related to the delivery of ratings 398,506
Training and accreditation 36,671
Stakeholder and communication activities 514,128
Development & Innovation projects 647,391
Website development and maintenance (incl Capital) 783,456
General operation costs 449,968
Total expenditure 8,057,345
Operating result (3,078,305)
Cash Reserves (14,487,450)
*The cash adjustment is the accumulative cash balance from the NABERS program from all revenue sources under the Department of Planning & Environment that was transferred to Treasury Cluster as a result of Machinery of Government (MOG) changes.